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Electronic Tiny NeXTcube Workstation



While Jobs was in exile he gathered a group of smarties to create the next big thing. It was sleek. It was cool. It was a cube!

I remember in the early 90s learning to create NeXTSTEP apps and at every step it felt like the future. More than thirty years later, it turns out those smarties were on to something so I had to create this little friend to remind me of good times.

This 1:6 scale NeXT workstation includes:

  • NeXTcube
  • Electronically driven MegaPixel display
  • NeXT keyboard
  • NeXT mouse

Everything you see is 3D printed except for the electronics:

  • Adafruit QT Py (specs)
  • Color TFT display (specs)
  • USB-C cable

The TFT panel is a little off center. The black bar on the right is inactive but the rest is lovely.

The workstation ships with example Python code for driving the display, connecting to WiFi, and using the network time protocol to set and display a clock. The QT Py can also be driven by Arduino code if you're not into Python.

This brings back memories for me and I hope for you, too!

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A 3D printed miniature workstation including the cube, the display, a keyboard, and a mouse.

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Electronic Tiny NeXTcube Workstation