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Electronic Connection Machine 2


Before we had GPUs, before we had multiprocessor personal computers, and before we all settled for beige computer cases there was the Connection Machine 2, a massively parallel hypercube-based arrangement of thousands of microprocessors.

The original, with its many blinkenlights, was 1.5 meters across and so this 1:10 scale version is 15 centimeters or a little less than 6 inches across.

Each of the four front panels include a 16 x 9 LED panel and the unit is shipped with an Adafruit QT Py to drive them.

An example script is included to turn your Connection Machine into a clock!

Yes, a Raspberry Pi (not included, obs) can fit inside and because the LEDs are driven by a standard protocol, I2C, your Pi can control them with a little bit of Python code.

With help from a couple of full sized Connection Machine owners I've reproduced this wonderful machine down to the smallest details, including the custom vents that run between the main cubes.

Please note: I make these on demand so please allow a week for me to print, assemble, and program your new friend.

What's in the box:

  • a 3D printed 1:10 scale model of the Connection Machine
  • an Adafruit QT Py microprocessor board
  • four LED panels, one in each of the front cubes
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One USB-C powered 3d printed model of a Connection Machine

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Electronic Connection Machine 2

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